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Please submit all requests for interpreters, expert witnesses, excess fees, discovery costs over $30, overnight travel, and investigators through ORPC’s Respondent Parent Payment System (RPPS).


Interpreter Information

Need help locating an interpreter, please refer to the Colorado Judicial webpages here:

We’ve programmed Telelanguage into RPPS.  Telelanguage provides phone interpretation, and it should not be used when in-person interpretation can be done because Telelanguage is more expensive.  It’s best for quick calls to your clients, or when the language you need interpreted is rare.  To request an interpreter from Telelanguage in RPPS:

  1. Please check to ensure your appointment record is updated.
  2. Your case will need to be in an Open status.
  3. Go to your appointment screen > Enter your case number in the search box > Click on the blue billing button > Click on the Request Expert/Interpreter button > Type of Request is Interpreter – Telelanguage  > Select the language from the drop down list > Select Telelanguage from the drop down box for requested individual> enter in the requested rate of .97  (for .97 per minute) > enter the estimated requested hours – keep in mind this is noted in hours not minutes > the requested amount will populate for you > enter in a reason for the request > click submit > An email will be sent once approved by the ORPC.

If a language is listed on the Telelanguage sheets, but you don’t see it on RPPS, please email payments@coloradoorpc.org and staff will add the language for you.

To use Telelanguage:

  1. Dial 800-514-9237
  2. Provide your access code: 18991
  3. Provide the language needed
  4. Provide the attorney name, case number and parent name. Telelanguage will also ask if the caller is an ORPC contractor

After this you will be connected with your interpreter.